Automatic Shearing Machine Working Table

Automatic Shearing Machine runs for 600 hours, requiring primary maintenance. The maintenance of plate shears is mainly carried out by machine operators and the repairmen cooperate with them.

First of all, cut off the power supply. And then carry out maintenance work.

CNC plate shear machine usage and maintenance

  • Machine Frame

    1. For one thing, wipe the machine. It requires no dirt and yellow robes.
    2. For another, match defective parts.
  • Transmission System

    1. Firstly, check and adjust the transmission device: whether it is loose or not.
    2. Then, checking and adjust the brake.
    3. Thirdly, check and adjust pressing mechanism.
    4. Don’t forget to clean the gears.
  • Operating mechanism

It is mainly to clean and check lever and button.

  • Lubrication of Hydraulic System

    1. Clean oil filter, oil cup and oil whole. Check the hydraulic oil quality and add new enough.
    2. Make sure that hydraulic shear system is in good order and without leakage.
    3. Maintain pressure gauge.
  • Electrical Equipment

    1. Keep motors and electrical boxes clean and tidy.
    2. Stabilize the zero-connecting unit.
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How to maintain CNC metal shearing machine

Shearchy Automatic Shearing Machine

  • Hydraulic transmission, welded tool holder and overall frame welding are durable.
  • Use accumulator return: smooth and fast.
  • The travel of the tool holder can be adjusted by itself according to the width of shearing plate. The upper and lower blades have four edges respectively: you can turn it over and use many times.
  • Automatic shearing machine clamping device adopts an independent press cylinder. There are plastic pads at the bottom of each pressing cylinder to prevent scratching the work piece.
  • CNC system and the position encoder form the closed-loop control system. Fast speed, high precision and good stability.
  • At the same time, the numerical control system has a number of functions such as compensation function and automatic detection.
  • Back gauge mechanism adopts ball screw, no clearance transmission.

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