Metal Sheet Bending Machine punch and die photo

NC Press Brake Machine features; compared to ordinary bending machine, what are the advantages? In the purchase of CNC bending machine, some customers will choose torsion axis NC bending machine because there is not much money to start a business at the beginning.

Shearchy Easy bend NC press brakes Biggest Advantages

  • Optimal for metal forming with a low operation cost.
  • Suitable for customers who need press brake under than 250 Tons.
  • Torsion bar synchronous NC two axis control capability for easy operation.
  • Angle programming is possible.
  • Back gauge ball screw controlled by a linear guide.

Hydraulic Brake Press Machine Applications and Usage

Hydraulic NC press brake machine is a kind of equipment that bends metal sheets into work pieces with various with various geometric cross-section shapes in cold state by means of upper and lower dies (general or special). Therefore, it is a plate molding machinery designed for cold-rolled sheet metal processing. Moreover, widely used in automobile, aircraft manufacturing, light industry, shipbuilding, container, elevator, railway vehicles and other industries plate bending processing.

DELEM DA41 control system with precision ball screws and straight rail of hydraulic bending machine

DA41 is special numerical control system for two-axis control of synchronous bending press machine with torsion shaft.

  • Firstly, high-definition LCD displays and user-friendly interface.
  • Secondly, sliders stop position Rear stop control:
    • Speedily adjusted by motor and fine adjusted by handle.
  • Thirdly, metal plate bending angle programming.
  • 100 programs; each program has 25 steps.
  • Sheet metals escape control function.
  • Fourthly, Press Brake Punch and Die parameter setting.
  • Fifthly, synchronized movement of axes.
  • Axis parameters:
    • Y axis backhaul and correction function.
    • Program Counting
    • Calculation functions: Y-axis depth calculation.
  • NC systen multiple language selection.
  • What’s more, offline backup and call parameters and procedures.

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