3-Roll Plate Bending Machine for sale

CNC Sheet Metal Roller Machine Application

Automatic Rolling Machine is mainly used for coiling and rounding stainless steel plate, iron plate and other metal sheets. However, many customers also have some special requirements for sheet metal rolling, such as forming ellipse, U-shaped, square, polygon, arbitrary curve and so on.

As a professional plate roller manufacturer, WUXI SHEARCHY can customize or recommend suitable technical solutions for customers according to the requirements of different metal work pieces.

CNC hydraulic plate bending roll operations

How to use automatic rolling machine correctly?

  • Workers should be familiar with machine structure and performance, operating method of control system and bending process of work piece. Strict compliance with operational considerations.
  • Before starting and stopping the machine, all buttons of the electronic control system must be in the original position.
  • In the use of processing, you should always check the oil supply situation of lubrication points. Also, reducer to maintain the specified oil level.
  • During operation, if found irregular noise, shock, vibration, users should be promptly stopped and overhaul.
  • You should always check the actuator and the connecting portion of sheet metal rolling machine to ensure no loosening and no damage.
  • Not allow to roll uneven welds and uneven steel plates directly on the machine.
  • When entering the formal bending, the sheet metal must be perpendicular to the center line of the roller.
  • In the process of steel plate bending and winding, the plate must move with the roller. In other words, it does not allow skidding.
  • When bending the work piece of cone drum, the small end of the cone drum must be at the end of the overturning bearing.

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Finally, safe production, efficient production and safe operation are important links in enterprise management. Please operate in strict accordance with user requirements of automatic rolling machine!