Hydraulic Steel Plate Shearing Machines for sale

CNC metal shearing machine daily maintenancerequires relevant responsible personnel not only to have mechanical, processing technology and hydraulic knowledge, but also to have the knowledge of electronic computer, automatic control and measurement technology. Only in this way can users fully understand and master the CNC metal shears and timely do well in maintenance.

Main maintenance work of Shearchy metal shearing machine

  • Select suitable environment to use shearing machine

The working environment of CNC shears (such as temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference, etc.) will affect the normal operation of the machine tool. Therefore, in the installation of shearing machine tool should be strictly in line with specifications of machine installation conditions and requirements. If economic conditions permit, users should separate CNC metal shears from other ordinary machining equipment for easy maintenance and repair.

  • Professionals skilled in system programming, operation and maintenance

CNC plate shear production activities should be undertaken by professionals good at CNC and machinery knowledge. These personnel should be familiar with the machine tool’s mechanical, numerical control system, strong electrical equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and other parts of the characteristics, and the use of the environment, processing conditions. They can also correctly use shearing machines according instructions.

  • Keep clean

Timely cleaning keeps the working environment clean. For example: electrical cabinet cleaning and circuit board cleaning.

  • Check cable lines

It mainly checks whether the cable joints and bends are in bad contact, broken and short circuit fault.

How to maintain CNC metal shear machines that are not using for a long time

When Shearchy metal shearing machine is not in use, users should often give power to CNC system. In the case of locked, machine should test running without the work piece. In the season of plum rain with larger air humidity, shearing machine should turn on electricity regularly. It can use electric component itself heat drive off the moisture inside numerical control cabinet to ensure the performance of electronic components is stable and reliable. If CNC machine tool is not in use without maintenance for a long time, it will also break down.

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