CNC Guillotine Plate Steel Metal Shearing Machine back look

CNC Plate Shears have reasonable structure, reliable performance, novel design and high cutting accuracy. It is green environmental protection processing equipment with small working noise.

Hydraulic Cylinder in machine systems

Cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to make the steel cutting blade reciprocate in a straight line (or swing motion). When the oil cylinder used to realize reciprocating movement, the machine doesn’t have to use reducer device and there is no transmission gap, so that the movement is smooth. Therefore, it is widely used in the shearing or bending machinery hydraulic systems.

CNC plate shears hydraulic adjustment requires some skill. Wuxi Shearchy leading plate shearing machine manufacturer will share you 4 useful tips!

Cnc plate shears machine hydraulic cylinder adjustment skills

  • Systematic adjustment of cutting tools hydraulic cylinder

When the hydraulic cylinder of the plate shears starts to run for the first time, you should reduce the cylinder pressure to 0.5-1mpa. When the piston rod reciprocates, open the top vent plug. The main method: open the plug pressure when the piston has finished running. These operations should be performed in shut-off mode before it is put into normal production.

In the vent plug exhaust, we can hear the sound of gas during the cutting machine running. At the same time, we can also clearly see some similar oil foam from the inside. As the exhaust begins to clear, hydraulic oil will come out. At this time, you can use your own eyes to identify whether the shear board machine to get a thorough exhaust.

  • Adjust the hydraulic buffer system

After the cnc plate shears equipped with adjustable damping devices, you should adjust the running piston throttle to a minimum position. Then, you can gradually adjust the cutting machine hydraulic cylinder throttle hole to meet its needs.

  • Individual check of hydraulic cylinder

In addition to the preliminary overall adjustment, we also need to check the sealing of oil leakage. Check the connection part of the hydraulic cylinder for bolt looseness to avoid unnecessary accidents.

  • Do regular maintenance

In the normal usage, the user needs to carry out regular check and maintenance of its hydraulic cylinder and record the results in real time.

These are the CNC plate shearing machines hydraulic system adjustment skills Shearchy Technology provided. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We supply different types sheet metal machines.