Hydraulic Steel Plate Shearing Machines for sale

Plate Shear common sense, do you all know well? This passage will tell you some question that customers often answer shearing machine manufacturers.

Question 1: Do we have to use nitrogen in the hydraulic shears?

Hydraulic shearing machines do not have to use nitrogen necessarily. If it is a large plate shearing machine, we usually use return cylinder.

Question 2: Is blade clearance of plate shear important? Can you change it at will?

The blade clearance of hydraulic metal shear is very important. Because it will affect the shear quality as well as the service life of the blade. Moreover, we can adjust it according to the actual situation.

Question 3: What is the ball valve in shearing machines mainly used for?

The ball valve in the metal shears is mainly used to measure the uniformity of the clearance between the blades.

Question 4: How to adjust metal plate shearing blade clearance?

From a professional point of view, the clearance is determined and carried out according to the thickness of the material to be cut. For example, if the material thickness is 1-3mm, the clearance adjustment value is 1-2mm. If the material thickness is 4-10mm, the clearance adjustment value is 3-5mm.

The troubleshooting of hydraulic plate shears is also very important. So, let’s learn it!

  • Users should ask every time how the device is in use and running, whether there is any abnormal situation and how to deal with it.
  • Check the actual working status of the equipment. Mainly to observe the pressure, speed, oil and vibration of the equipment system; whether there is a problem. Also, listen for unusual noises.

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