Quality of plate rolling machine is the most important point when customers purchase the plate bending roll. What are the factors affect the quality? How to choose the plate rolling machine? This article will introduce the main factors influence the plate bending roll quality.


1. Quality of Plate Rolling Machine Affect By Plate Material

The influence of the material on the production of the plate affects the quality of plate rolling machine. One of the most important factors in the design of the plate rolling machine is the material of the plate. For example, when rolling the plate of the same thickness, the plate with high yield strength requirements, the pressure of plate rolling machine must be high. If this is not taken into account, the processed sheet will have defects or deformed corners. Today, the strength of steel is much higher than before, and the rolling pressure requirements of the rolling machine are also increased. In this regard, ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) has also formulated corresponding standards, which classify various types of steel, such as .A36, A516grade70, Hardox400/500 series, AR200/300 series, etc. Different specifications of steel correspond to different rolling pressures. The temper brittleness of the metal, the yield strength, and where the sheet is used are all important factors for plate bending machine manufacturers to consider. This is especially important since the reform of the steel smelting industry over the past few decades. For example, what used to be like mild steel is now a thing of the past and no longer popular.


2. Rolling Details 

Cooperate with plate rolling machine manufacturers who are willing to discuss details with customers. In order to get the answers they want, buyers must first learn to ask the right questions. Each company has its own unique rolling requirements, and by answering systematic questions, sales can make a plan that best suits customer’s purchasing needs. Enterprises should also consider whether they need to roll conical or parabolic products in order to open up the market. The numerical control plate roll bending machine with coarse upper roll and fine lower roll is an ideal model for rolling objects of this shape. process. The theoretical balance that the numerical control system can achieve is not perfect, and accurate cone rolling is actually achieved by the balance of torque. Precise balancing allows the sheet to be perfectly tapered within 5 seconds. On the one hand, procurement must let the supplier know all the details, including diameter, material, tolerance, shape… For example, in the pressure vessel industry, there are often requirements such as diameter roundness error less than 1% or no defects. Sometimes the power of the plate rolling machine is too high, otherwise the cylinder phenomenon will occur, which will directly lead to the unqualified products, which will seriously affect the efficiency of the enterprise. On the other hand, the bending machine manufacturer has to take into account all the special needs of the buyer. Purchasing must also find a manufacturer who is willing to sit down with him and discuss the details one by one. There are many details that are very important, but are often overlooked by buyers. At this time, the responsible manufacturer must confirm these details.


3. Plate Thickness

Make a choice according to the most ideal conditions. Enterprises often have to determine what materials and thicknesses can make them achieve the best benefits. Then the plate bending machine manufacturers should also design and manufacture the corresponding plate bending machines according to these parameters. This not only can This saves a lot of time and greatly reduces rework rates. According to experience, high-end plate rolling machines generally work at 50% of full load, and the benefits are the best. For example, a plate rolling machine that can roll a 10mm thick sheet has the highest benefit when rolling a 5mm sheet. One of the biggest problems when working with coils is the size of the sheet. Except for this problem, most of the problems are concentrated in the pressure of the lower roll to the upper roll. If a coiling machine capable of rolling 10mm-level sheets rolls 6mm sheets, a certain cylindrical distortion will occur. But this often leads to trouble. But the biggest trouble is when the plate thickness reaches the limit of the plate rolling machine. Unless shims are used, the whole machine can only be disposed of. On the contrary, when designing a plate rolling machine with a large plate thickness to roll a thin plate, the middle of the plate is stronger than the surrounding area. Thus, hourglass deformation cannot be corrected unless spacers are used.


4.Rolling Diameter

Carefully consider coil thickness and diameter The smaller the diameter, the greater the rolling pressure required. When the inner diameter of the thick plate is very small, the designer should pay attention to the position of the upper roll and the structure of the rolling machine, because these two factors are important factors affecting the size of the opening. Almost all plate rolling machines are designed with a maximum circle diameter of 1.5 times that of the upper roll. In this way, the maximum inner diameter that can be rolled by the 50mm upper roll is 75mm. Now there is a new technology, which can make nearly half of the material plate under pressure during the bending process, so that its maximum design coil diameter can reach 1.1 times that of the old method, and the effective diameter range is increased. 30%. Keep in mind that the range of optimal precision that all plate bending machines can achieve is half the design standard.


5. Quality of Plate Rolling Machine – Side Support 

Coordination of horizontal and vertical support force For the plate rolling machine designer, there are two main directions of the support force on the plate that need to be considered: the horizontal direction and the vertical direction. The advantage of taking this into account is that the workload that originally required two people can be completed by one person, thereby saving valuable labor. When rolling cylindrical products, it should be noted that if the diameter is greater than 200 times the thickness of the plate, the plate will bend due to its own weight. Without support, the ideal diameter cannot be obtained. If you buy a plate bending machine with a sheet support function, these problems will be solved. However, in order to reduce costs, some manufacturers often use forklifts and cranes as supports, but this approach is often unhelpful and limits the scope of application of the equipment. Many purchases tend to ignore some key factors, which eventually lead to the purchased equipment not meeting the requirements, resulting in many problems in the production department.


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