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Hydraulic press brake machine under the reasonable use of hydraulic problems

Hydraulic Press Brake machine in the hydraulic oil will use, but if you want to use, I think we have to and we introduce the hydraulic bending machinery under the reasonable use of hydraulic problems.


  1. Do not clean the system before changing the oil. Hydraulic system for the first time before the use of hydraulic oil, must be thoroughly cleans, in the replacement of the same species of hydraulic oil, but also with the new hydraulic oil rinse 1-2 times.
  2. Hydraulic oil can not be mixed. If you have determined the choice of a brand of hydraulic oil must be used alone. Without the consent of the manufacturer of hydraulic equipment and no scientific basis, hydraulic Press Brake machine can not be arbitrarily with different viscosity grade hydraulic oil, or the same viscosity grades but not the same manufacturers of hydraulic oil mixed with, but not with other types of oil mixed.
  3. Note that the hydraulic system seal is good, the use of hydraulic oil hydraulic system must maintain a strict seal to prevent leakage and the outside of a variety of pollutants mixed.
  4. Replace the hydraulic oil according to the oil change index. Hydraulic equipment in the hydraulic bending machine should be regularly sampling test. Once the oil and chemical indicators in the oil, the oil indicators will change oil after the oil change.


What are the hazards of hydraulic oil pollution in bending mchines?

Hydraulic oil pollution is serious, a direct impact on the hydraulic system performance. So that hydraulic pump often failure and shorten the life of hydraulic components. The main cause of these hazards is the particles in the dirt. For the hydraulic components, because these are solid particles into the device. CNC Brake Press will make the sliding part of the component wear and tear. And it may plug the hydraulic components in the orifice, damping holes. So the valve core stuck, resulting in system failure. Water and air mixed with the hydraulic oil to reduce the ability to lubricate and accelerate it to oxidative deterioration, resulting in cavitation, the hydraulic components to accelerate corrosion, the hydraulic system vibration, crawling and so on.

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