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What is CNC shearing machine?

When you apply a high pressure tool through a metal plate and remove part of the metal, we call the process shearing. Further more, the hydraulic shearing machine can help you finish the process.

CNC hydraulic plate shears Introduction

The rigid structure gives the CNC hydraulic shearing machine more rigidity and strength. These machines are capable of performing accurate and accurate cutting requirements. When the hydraulic shearing machine is running, special design makes the operation smooth and quiet, operator is highly efficient. Then, we will introduce a high-precision and high-quality shearing machine for you.

QC11Y hydraulic plate shearing machine characteristic:

  • It is the second generation hydraulic shearing machine, adopting advanced hydraulic integrated valve block. The compact structure reduces piping connection and improves system reliability and maintainability.
  • The series oil cylinder makes the shear angle not change during shear.
  • Three – point supported rolling guide eliminates support gap and improves shear accuracy.
  • The energy accumulator returns smoothly and quickly.
  • Rectangular blade, four cutting edge can be used, and the service life is long.
  • Adjust the hand wheel of blade gap accurately, quickly and conveniently.
  • Adjust shear angle to reduce the distortion and deformation of the sheet.
  • The upper blade holder adopts internal tilting structure. What’s more, it is convenient for blanking and improves the shear accuracy.
  • Also, we can adjust the shearing stroke at will, which raise the working efficiency and realize the function of partition cutting.
  • Electric automatic back gauge and position indicator, convenient and accurate.
  • Using rolling stock ball can reduce the scratch and friction resistance of the plate.
  • CNC control system: computer controls the cutting angle through linear encoder feedback data and controls the cutting stroke.
  • Oil cylinder: 45# steel material treatment, inner hole is treated by fine boring and pressing to make the inner surface with higher intensity.
  • Piston rod: 45# steel material treatment with nickel phosphorus plating. So, that makes it to be higher capability of wear resistant.
Order CNC hydraulic plate shearing machines?

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