CNC Hydraulic Metal Plate Shear Machine

Divide the Hydraulic Shearing Machine Type

Hydraulic shearing machine also known as crocodile shears, metal shears, scrap iron shears, scrap shears, which are mainly used to cut long scrap metal into pieces for easy transportation and recycling. Each metal recycling company essential equipment.

  •  According to the shape of the scissors hydraulic shearing machinery are divided into straight knife shearing machine and disc knife hydraulic shearing aamchine. Straight knife shear according to the structure divide into Longmen hydraulic Shearing Machine and throat hydraulic cutting plate machinery. Disc knife hydraulic cutting plate machine according to the structure divide into disk hydraulic cutting plate machine, rolling shear machine, multi-disc hydraulic cutting plate machine and rotary trimming hydraulic cutting plate machine.
  • Classification by transmission hydraulic sheas divide into by way of transmission: mechanical transmission hydraulic shear machine and hydraulic transmission shear trigger
  • According to the movement of the knife path classification cutting machine according to the movement of the knife track divides into the following:

Hydraulic cutting machine – the movement of Knife track

  1. The tool holder moves along the vertical line. Because, there is no forward angle. The blade section must be into a diamond. In this cause, only two edges (four blades of the rectangular blade is also available. But the shear quality is poor). This knife frame cut the fracture and the board is not at right angles.
  2. The tool holder moves along the forward inclination line (1 ° 30 ‘~ 2 ° with the vertical angle). The upper blade section is rectangular shape with four cutting edges. The cut fracture is basically right angle.
  3. Turret swing along the arc, shear blade section should be into a diamond, only two blade. Because the blade in the shearing process slightly forward. So, the shear quality and the knife along the forward Line movement is similar.
  4. Turret swing along the arc, the inclination of up to 300, so you can cut out the welding groove

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