3-Roll Plate Bending Machine for sale

Upper Plate Bending Roll adopts hydraulic transmission of upper roll lifting and horizontal moving mechanical drive.

Universal Upper Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

Universal rolling machine driven by the lower roll and controlled by the electric centralized operating system can complete the plate both ends of the pre-bending and rolling cylindrical, arc work piece work after one feeding. It can also carry out a certain plastic leveling processing on metal sheet. Furthermore, it has the function of direct pre-bending, so save time and efforts. It allocates NC system control to improve the degree of automation. Therefore, the machine is widely used in precision requirements manufacturing.

Advantages of upper roll universal plate rolling machines

  • High precision end pre-bending
  • Continuous metal plate bending
  • Free to set straight edge length
  • The upper roller directly pre bend under pressure
  • Products have excellent precision
  • Upper roll is in the shape of a drum. And the lower part of the lower roller adjusted with idlers
  • A wide range from thin plates to thick plates; so it is able to roll ideal products

Upper Metal Roller Machine Applications

It is widely used in high precision requirements, such as: aviation, nuclear power and other metal structure parts manufacturing and chemical machinery, offshore oil platforms, oil and gas pipelines and other industries.

Universal upper plate bending roll sheet metal roller machine for steel plate
Universal upper plate bending roll sheet metal roller machine for steel plate

Plate Bending Rollers Maintenance Regulations

  1. Firstly, according to the requirements in the lubrication diagram of roll machine, users can lubricate each lubrication point according to the requirements.
  2. Please roll the plate according to the parameters specified by hydraulic plate rolling machine.
  3. After switching on the power supply, the lower roller moves in the positive and negative directions and the upper roller rises and falls. Check whether movements have any abnormal sticking phenomenon.
  4. Strictly observe hydraulic universal upper plate bending roll processing procedures and operating methods. If the upper roller is at the limit position, you should pay attention to safe operations.
  5. When the main drive stops, you can carry out the lifting of the upper roll. That is the tilting and reset of the tilting bearing, and the tilting of upper roll.
  6. If you find any irregular noise, impact and other abnormal phenomena, please stop the machine immediately. And then check it carefully.
  7. All personnel should coordinate with each other and follow the command of the person in charge of upper plate bending roll. Don’t start bending roll machine without a password.
  8. Finally, when operating hydraulic plate rollers, you should be carefull of your hands pressed and rolled together with the steel plate.

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