Steel Metal CNC Hydraulic Plate Shear Machine for sale

Steel Plate Shears as common cutting equipment, it is generally applicable to some aircraft construction, construction engineering units, shipbuilding, cars and light manufacturing metallurgical industry and so on.

Sheet Metal Shearing Machine Applications

Moreover, CNC plate shear has also brought great results to these industries.

SHEARCHY hydraulic steel plate shears advantages:

  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Make cutting technology more mechanized and professional.
  • More accurate than manual cutting: both speed and quality are much higher than manual cutting.
CNC Hydraulic Steel Plate Shears
CNC Hydraulic Steel Plate Shears

Hydraulic plate shearing machines production technical parameters

  • Cutting Thickness

The shearing thickness is mainly limited by the strength of shear mechanism. And finally, it depends on the shear force. There are many factors that affect the shear force, such as blade clearance, blade edge sharpness, shear angle, shear speed, shear temperature, width of shear surface and so on. But the most important is the shear strength of cut materials. Different types shears have different applications ranges. If the thickness is too large, it is not advisable from the utilization rate and economy of the equipment. If the thickness is too large, it is unfavorable from the utilization of equipment and economic point of view.

  • Cut Sheet Width

The cutting sheet width refers to the maximum size of the finishing plate processing in one cut along the direction of the cutting machine blade. This requires us to draw up the actual width of the steel plate and the cnc plate shear manufacturer requirements. It is strictly forbidden for users to use the cutting machines to cut steel plates that exceed the specified width.

  • Shearing Angle

To reduce the deformation and distortion of sheet metals, we generally recommend the customer that customers adopt a smaller shear angle. In this way, the shear force may decrease. So it will also have some influence on the strength and stiffness of the stressed parts, but improve the shear quality.

These are the three most important technical parameters in the design and manufacture of steel plate shears. More information about CNC hydraulic plate shearing machinery, you can click our sheet metal shear product pages or other blog pages!