3-Roll Plate Bending Machine for sale

Steel Plate Roller as common machine in sheet metal forming industry, we use it to roll or bend steel plate into the type of cylinder, cone, multi R, U and R-type.

3 or 4 rollers plate bending roll wide applications

  • Manufacturing ventilating pipe & decoration.
  • Architecture industry, vehicle maintenance industry, machinery factories.
  • Forming wind power tower, petroleum pipeline and pressure vessel, etc.

Steel plate roller configuration

Servo motor, drive control system, position detection feedback device…

It is the link between the numerical control system and the machine tool body. What’s more, Servo motor is the executive component of the control system.

  • Drive control system and position detection feedback device

And the drive system is the power source of the motor. The command signal issued by numerical control system is used as a displacement instruction after comparison with the position detection feedback signal. Then, the signal drives the motor through the drive control system to make the machine rolling.

Sheet Metal Rolling Machine sealing performance

All hydraulic rollers must have sealing devices. Further more, the reliability and using life of seal components is an important indicator of plate rolling hydraulic system quality. Professional plate roller manufacturers will install sealing devices to hydraulic system in order to prevent the leakage of machines and dust falling.

Sealing performance is closely related to the safe use of steel pate roller. Sealing elements in the hydraulic system can effectively prevent problems caused by internal leakage and external dust and impurities. In addition, the sealing elements can also prevent hydraulic leakage from polluting the environment and damage rolling tools.

How to choose steel plate roller for sale?

Firstly, 3-roll plate bending machine can bend steel plate from 6mm to 100mm thickness. Moreover, it is ideal choice for limited production cost due to its lower price. And then, 4-roll bending machine has more functions and higher precision. So, it is suitable for high-end production.

Please make a choice according to the actual situation. Or, you can tell us the thickness & length of steel plate and work piece requirements. Wuxi Shearchy will recommend and manufacture the most suitable plate bending machine for you!