3 Roll Bending Machines for sale

Steel Plate Rolling Machine is 8 types of forging bending machine.

Metal Rollers Introduction

Sheet metal roller is forming equipment that produces predetermined shape and precision work pieces by using relative position change and rotation movement of working roller. It is widely used in shipbuilding, aviation, boiler, chemical industry and so on

Rolling forming working principle

It converts mechanical and hydraulic energy into motion to achieve the position change and rotary motion of the working roll. In this way, various metal plates can be easily bent or rounded in cold, warm or hot states.

By changing the shape of the roll or adding the roll cone device, the machine can process different work pieces.

Steel plate rolling machine development

Sheet metal plate roller has experienced the development process from mechanical to hydraulic and then to numerical control. Automatic control of bending process is an inevitable trend of steel plate rolling form. CNC Metal Plate Rollers can greatly improve the production efficiency of bending plate and reduce labor intensity. Moreover, it can improve the rolling precision, and reduce the workload of assembly and correction.

After years of continuous improvement and research, Wuxi Shearchy has completed the process from independent automation to flexible manufacturing units. We are devoted to promote high performance, high precision, safety, composite, environmental protection, automation, flexible, intelligent bending equipment. Great progress in sheet metal machinery can not only improve the level of global equipment manufacturing industry, but also meet the needs of enterprise competition and improve economic efficiency.

Safe operation of cnc steel plate rollers

  • Pay attention to working environment

CNC sheet metal rolling equipment operation has certain danger. Although Shearchy rollers meet global safety standards and have protective devices, users must take security seriously. Therefore, in order to ensure that the staff’s clothes are not easy to be caught in the machine, please dress neatly and do not wear in loose clothes. Also, make sure the environment is safe. Clean up the operating environment so as not to affect the work.

  • Operator station

In the operation of metal plate rolling machines, how to stand is the most secure?

In fact, the most reasonable and safe position to operate the machine is to stand on both sides. This is the best position to protect people from machine damage. If facing the machine, it is easy to injure by the work piece processed and working machine. Above all, forbidden to touch the machine while it is working.

  • Stop and adjust machine

If you suddenly want to adjust the size and roundness of the machine while working, you must stop the machine before operating it. When machining, workers should keep a safe distance from the machine to avoid accidents.

  • Difficult machining materials

For difficult processing materials, in order to ensure the rolling quality, the user can take a small number of times to work. Process repeatedly obtains the best processing results. Don’t be impatient! Machine overload not only affects product quality. What’s worse, it may cause safety hazards!

  • Users should have professional operation knowledge

It is an important factor to ensure work efficiency that operator has professional operation skills. In addition, it can reduce the probability of accidents and reduce the error of staff operation.

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