Automatic Shearing Machine Working Table

Steel Plate Shear blade is an important component of cutting equipment. The use of blade is the main factor affecting the performance and service life of hydraulic shearing machine.

Shearchy Steel Plate Shearing Blade Usage

How to use metal cutting tools?

  • Firstly, check the shearing machine blade for sharpness and fastness.
  • Then, check the flatness of the blade both horizontally and vertically.
  • Adjust blade clearance according to sheet thickness.
  • It is strictly prohibited to place tools and other materials of the board shear machine on the machine bed surface.
  • In the process, the users should always check the size, burr, angle, etc.
  • To reduce blade wear, users should keep the steel plate surface and working table clean.
  • Don’t forget to lubricate the oil hole of the steel plate shear.
  • According to different specifications, please stack neatly cut semi-finished or finished products. Don’t put it anywhere in order to prevent specification mix and compression deformation.
  • In order to reduce the consumption and improve the utilization rate of materials, the operator should reasonably calculate and adopt cutting methods.

 How to adjust steel plate shear blades gap?

  • Please lower the upper blade to the right position first. And then start fine adjustment.
  • The upper blade is fixed and cannot be adjusted. We adjust the blade clearance of the shearing machines by adjusting the lower blade.
  • In the replacement of different thickness of the plate, customers must pay attention to adjust the blade clearance.
  • It is important that the thickness of the shearing sheet shall not exceed the rated thickness.
  • After every cutting tool change, you should adjust the evenness of the blade clearance. It is beneficial to obtain better shear quality.
  • In the sharp cutting edge of the machine, if there is burr on the edge of the cutting plate, you can reduce the gap between the upper and lower blades.

Above is the CNC shearing machine manufacturer Shearchy specified adjustment method of blade. You need to pay attention to a lot of details when you do it. If you interest in purchasing hydraulic shears, please contact us! E-mail is We are always looking forward to your message!