Horizontal CNC V Grooving Machine for sale

Numerical Control V Groove Machine Bending Process: first use groover to line and planer V-groove on the metal plate need to bend position. Then use the standard press brake for bending process according to the demand. The characteristics of grooving and bending process mainly include the following three aspects.

CNC V Groove Machine Bending Advantages

Arc radius of the work piece edge is small and the work piece has no creases

In the bending process, the radius of the edge arc is directly proportional to the thickness of the plate. In other words, the thicker the metal sheet, the greater the radius of bending arc.

After v-grooving the sheet metal, the remaining thickness becomes half or less. In this way, the edge arc radius can be greatly reduced after bent. What’s more, the bending deformation force will decrease correspondingly due to the thin thickness of the remaining plate at the bend after grooving. At the same time, the deformation problem will not spread and affect the unbent area. Therefore, there is no crease on the sheet metal surface after bending. And this is a good way to avoid the risk of decorative surface indentation.

So it can meet the hotel, Banks, commercial centers, airports and other high-end places in the metal decoration process requirements:

  • Small arc radius of the edge
  • No surface creases
  • No indentation on decorative surface

Reduce press brake tonnage required for metal bending

In the bending process, the bending force required for a sheet metal is proportional to its thickness. The greater the thickness of metals, the greater the bending force required. Bending equipment tonnage also increases accordingly. Before bending, the user makes v-shaped groove on the bending part, which greatly reduces the remaining thickness of materials. Thus, the bending force required for plate bending will decrease correspondingly. And the smaller size press brakes can also process thick materials. It reduces investment in equipment and saves energy and space.

Bending of complex shape work pieces and control of rebound force

Parts with complex or special shapes cannot be into shape with standard press brakes. However, we can achieve this process by making a numerical control v groove machine v-slot at the bend and bending it manually. In addition, you can control the rebound force and rebound angle by controlling the remaining thickness of the plate. If the thickness of the remaining sheet after grooving is controlled at about 0.3mm, we can make the rebound angle become very small. So the bounces are almost negligible.

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