4 roller plate bending roll maintenance

Hydraulic pump is the most important power component of system in hydraulic sheet metal rollers. Hydraulic pump working principle: the movement of the pump chamber volume changes to compress the fluid so that it has pressure.

The role of hydraulic pump of metal plate rolling machine

In the hydraulic transmission system, the energy device provides energy for the entire hydraulic system. It plays an extremely important role in the whole hydraulic system just like the human heart pumps blood to all parts of the body. Hydraulic pump of plate rolling machine is a kind of energy conversion device. It makes motor mechanical energy converted into the oil pressure to meet the actuator drive external load needs.

Classification of hydraulic pump for sheet metal rollers

  • According to the volume changes of oil output per unit time of hydraulic pump
    • Constant Delivery Pump: the output oil volume cannot change in unit time
    • Variable Displacement Pump: the volume of oil output per unit time can vary.
  • According to the structure of hydraulic pump
    • Gear pump: internal gear pump and external gear pump.
    • Vane pump: single acting vane pump and double acting vane pump.
    • Piston pump: radial piston pump and axial piston pump.

Usage of hydraulic pump of sheet metal rolling machine

  1. The users should keep hydraulic oil sufficient. When the hydraulic oil level is too low, you should add hydraulic oil in time.
  2. The hydraulic oil in plate bending rolls must be filtered strictly. And the oil filter should be equipped in the hydraulic system.
  3. The user shall change the hydraulic oil according to the operating environment. For example, when the temperature is very hot or very cold, you need to replace the hydraulic oil.
  4. Check the inlet pipe regularly. Check if it is blocked by dirt and clean it up in time.
  5. If the oil seal of the driving gear of the oil pump is damaged, air will enter the hydraulic system. Users should replace worn or damaged oil seals and O-rings.

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