Metal Sheet Bending Machine punch and die photo

Press Brake Machines have been greatly improved since its appearance. But with the development of science and technology in the future, what is the development trend of bending machine? Wuxi Shearchy wants to talk about bending machine development with you.

Intelligent Development of Bending Machine

In the coming decades, intelligent development is the general trend. A lot of machines and equipment are developing towards intelligent direction, among which intelligent home, intelligent production and intelligent life all need intelligent equipment. For CNC hydraulic bending machine, targeted intelligent system development is also necessary. Authoritative people predict that the development trend of CNC press brake machine comes from its unique performance.

CNC Press Brake Machines Performance

High precision, high speed, high efficiency, intelligent, flexible

High Precision High Speed High Efficiency

Bending machine achieving high precision, high speed and high efficiency performance standards is to improve the quality and grade of processed products. In this way, users can shorten the production cycle and improve the competitiveness in the market. Efficiency and quality are the key performance indexes of advanced machine manufacturing technology. It is the main body of advanced metalworking technology.

Intelligent Design

The intellectualization of bending machine is the foundation of CNC Press Brake. Such as programming expert system and fault diagnosis expert system, when the system has a fault, diagnosis and repair can achieve intelligent. In the field of numerical control technology, the research and application of real-time intelligent control are developing along the following aspects: adaptive control, fuzzy control, neural network control, expert control, learning control, feed forward control and so on.

Flexible Design

Bending machine needs flexible design to meet different needs. The performance of CNC bending machine must really meet the production needs of users. Shearchy CNC Press Brake machine adopts a new generation of modular design. Its function coverage is wider and reliability is stronger, which can satisfy the demand of different users. The same group control system can automatically adjust the information flow dynamically according to different production processes, so as to give full play to the functions of group control system.

The performance of metal bending machine should meet the needs of people’s production and life. The press brake machines that can be used well in real daily life is valuable and marketable equipment. If you are interested in Easy Bend NC Press Brake or Euro Bend CNC Press Brake, welcome to visit our website for more information!