Automatic Shearing Machine Working Table

What is Metal Shear Machine?

Metal shear is a kind of cutting equipment widely used in machining. It can shear plates of different thicknesses and properties. It works by a reasonable blade clearance between a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade. The plate shears apply shear force to metal plates in order to separate them according to the required size.

Metal Shear Application

Sheet metal shear is very important processing equipment in forging and pressing machinery. Application fields of plate shears include metallurgy, light industry, heavy industry, machinery, motor, electrical appliances, automobile maintenance, hardware manufacturing and other metal sheet processing industries.

Plate Shearing Machine Development

As the economy continues to grow at a high speed, the demand for all kinds of plates is increasing. At the same time, users put forward higher requirements on the precision of shearing processing. In addition, the competition between enterprises is also increasingly intensified. In order to occupy a favorable position in the competition, metal shear manufacturers not only ensure the accuracy of machining, but also make higher requirements for the efficiency of processing. Professional technology is the core of shearing machine industry competition. Sheet metal production and processing industry urgently needs high-precision and high-efficiency production equipment. The quality and price of plate shears are the most concerned points of customers. Wuxi Shearchy Technology Company is a professional metal shear manufacturer in China. Cost-effective performance is the best way for Shearchy metal shearing machine to gain access to the market.

Shearchy Hydraulic Metal Plate Shearing Machine Advantages

The Plate Shears adopt all steel welding structure, simple structure, easy operation, unique design, beautiful appearance and low energy consumption. Shearchy Hydraulic shearing machine adopts advanced integrated hydraulic system, which has good reliability and stability. Blade clearance is adjusted by hand wheel, which is quick, accurate and convenient.

The operation of ordinary plate shears is tedious and inefficient. In view of these situations, Shearchy introduced computer control technology, high precision synchronous belt transmission technology and other technologies into the ordinary plate shears for numerical control transformation. Therefore, our shearing machines can realize automatic measurement. It ensures the machining precision and improves working efficiency.


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