CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine for sale price

Sheet Metal Brake Press is one of forging machine tools. The main role is in the metal processing industry. Products are widely used in: light industry, aviation, ship, metallurgy, instrument, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structure construction and decoration industry, etc. With different press brake punch and die, it can bend, stretch, press circle, punch and so on.

Metal Press Brake Machine Classification

  • Shearchy Bending machine can be roughly divided into mechanical and hydraulic two kinds.
  • The hydraulic sheet metal brake press divided into mechanical synchronization, torsion shaft synchronization, mechanical hydraulic synchronization and electro-hydraulic synchronization according to the synchronization mode.
    • We can divide  hydraulic bending into two types according to the movement mode: up moving type and down moving type.
      • Downward movement: the worktable and the work pieces on the worktable move upward together. The slider does not move. At present, the market has been relatively rare. Now, most of them are up acting.
      • The up moving type is that the work piece on the worktable and worktable do not move. The slider moves down.
    • According to the control mode, we can divide them into general control, economic numerical control and standard numerical control.

Bending Machines and Molds Selection

Firstly, considering to the type of work piece produced, the user can select sheet metal brake press machine and die suitable for this kind of processing. In this way, customers can control the cost well and improve the technology as well. Of course, it also includes the selection of specific machine models, such as important parameters: plate thickness, plate width, plate length, material and so on.

Particularly pay attention to the bending angle, which can directly affect production. If the bending requirement is greater than 1°or less than 1°, you should use SHEARCHY CNC hydraulic press brakes.

The choice of bend notches is also the focus. Generally speaking, the user must choose according to the thickness of the material. In common, you can choose a notch with a thickness of more than 8 times.