Bending Machine - Press Brake

Press Brake is a kind of Bending Machine to bend plate angle
NC Press Brake - Shearchy

Throat deformation compensation mechanism to ensure the bending depth and precision
Forcing-torsion shaft maintains the synchronization of both cylinders with high precision
The stroke of RAM and back gauge could by adjusted through motor
Could be adjusted by hand wheel for fine position
The value adjusted could be displayed on numerator

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Bending Machine - Rolling Machine

Rolling Machine is a kind of bending machine to bend rolls


Simple structure, convenience operation
Movable operation table
The upper roller of 3 Roller Plate Rolls makes vertical lifting movement at symmetry place of two bottom rollers center, through hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on piston pole, so it is hydraulic transmission.
Two bottom rollers make rotary movement. Motor joins bottom roller through gear reducer and universal chain coupler, providing torque for rolling plate.
Under the two bottom rollers, there are multiple sets of support rollerswhich can improve the rigidity of the bottom rollers.

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