CNC Hydraulic Metal Press Brake Machine 100ton 3200mm

Do you know hydraulic cylinder of Metal Press Brakes? When the hydraulic bending machine cylinder breaks down, what are the solutions? The hydraulic press brake manufacturer Shearchy will give detailed analysis.

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Cylinder Introduction and Troubleshoot

The cylinder is an important component used to install hydraulic oil.

Metal Press Brakes Cylinder Synchronization

When using common hydraulic bending machines to process the plate, the user must process in the middle of the worktable. If bending on one side: when this side cylinder touches the work piece, the cylinder on the other side will continue to move downward. Until the other side of the cylinder touches the lower die, the two cylinders start to add pressure. In this way, the cylinder will work at both the high side and the low side. Soon, the oil cylinder of CNC bending machinery will be damaged and leak oil.

Focus on oil cylinder when purchasing CNC plate bending machines

The above is the problem of cylinder synchronization. In addition to the poor accuracy and performance, this is the NC hydraulic press brake serious defects. Therefore, now CNC press brake machinery is more popular. Hydraulic cnc brake press overcomes many problems of torison brake press, including accuracy, speed, quality, synchronization and so on.

SHEARCHY CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Advantages

Import configuration improves production efficiency
  • The frame of bending machine processed and formed by a large-scale floor boring and milling machine at one time to ensures more reliable performance of the machine.
  • Seals: NOK made in Japan. The ferrule joint imported selected to effectively overcome the occurrence of pipeline oil leakage.
  • Hydraulic Rexroth valves: CNC sheet metal press brakes run with low noise and more environmental protection.

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