4-Roll CNC Plate Bending Machine Photo

Reasonable Roller Plate Bending Machine lubrication is good for transmission parts and sliding surfaces of machine.

Sheet Metal Bending Rolls Lubrication

Why do users need to lubricate steel metal rollers?

Firstly, it can reduce power consumption and improve the using life. So, it is necessary to choose the right lubricant and grease lubrication system.

SHEARCHY Plate Rolling Machine Lubrication Method

  • According to the rolling machine working condition, box-type lubrication and regular lubrication adopted.
  • Each slide guide surface lubricated by hand gun, grease once per shift.
  • Also, slide bearing between rollers lubricated by one-time.
  • Main drive gear speed reducer of bottom rollers and transfer-case adopt box-type lubrication.
Machinery Lubricant Selection
  • Each roller slide bearing, slide guide board adopted lithium-based grease.
  • Speed reducer adopt N220# industrial gear oil.

Metal Roller Lubrication system and Notes

  • Rack sliding guide surfaces available by hand gun once per shift.
  • Before each work shift, must lubricate to every lubrication point.
  • Check whether the lubricant oil of speed reducer at a predetermined position.
  • The main drive speed reducer after the first working 150 hours, should change lubricant once. After that, change lubricant after working 1500 hours or once a year.
  • The entire lubrication system should be cleaned after the first 150 working hours. Then, at least once cleaning per year.
  • If roller plate bending machine is in the long-term continuous full load, it should be cleaned once half a year.

Three-roll Plate Bending Rolls

  • Simple structure.
  • Convenience operation.
  • Keep standard height of lower-roller, convenience to feeding and operating.
  • Machine frame integral quenching eliminates stress. So never deformation!
  • Cost-effective choice for architecture industry, vehicle industry and other machinery factories.

Four-roll Plate Bending Rolls

  • Onece feeding, it can complete the pre bending of steel plate end.
  • And, roll the cylindrical and arc work pieces.
  • In addition, rough shaping of sheet metal is possible.
  • Wide used in shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, bridge, hydropower, metal structure and machinery manufacturing industries.
  • Small pre curved straight edge.
  • Good roundness.

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