CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine for sale price

Elevator Industry Press Brake Bending Machines 160ton 3200mm can be customized according to the customer elevator size requirements.

160Ton 3200mm Hydraulic CNC Press Brake for Elevator manufacturing

Elevator is a very practical invention in our daily life. It began to appear in the mid-19th century. Until now, it ha been used widely in high-rise buildings. So do you want to know more about it?

Performance Characteristics of Elevator Bending Machine 160T

The electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machine has good rigidity and stability:

  • Stress relief
  • Hydraulic transmission
  • During work, stable and reliable operation
  • Use advanced electro hydraulic servo system
  • Adopt full closed loop feedback control synchronization
  • Then, bending accuracy guaranteed by throat deformation prevention system of press brake bending machines
  • In addition, laser protection added to improve safety

Press Brake Bending Machines Standard: (4 + 1) axis or (3 + 1) axis

  • Firstly, Y1 and Y2 axis control the numerical axis of oil cylinder on both sides.
  • Secondly, X controls the front and back movement of the rear stopper.
  • Thirdly, R controls the up and down movement of the rear stop gauge.
  • Finally, Mechanical compensation is in v-axis computer control.
Bneding Machine Good stability:
  • Whole steel plate welding.
  • Vibration stress relief after tempering.
  • Then, rust removal by sandblasting, antirust paint as well.
  • The frame formed by one-time clamping in the imported CNC three-dimensional machining center.
  • Ensure the parallelism and perpendicularity of each installation surface.

Slider structure:

  • Use upward moving bending design.
  • Low noise and stable working condition.
  • Y1 and Y2 can be individually programmed and operate under bias load.
  • Also, it has pressure holding time at lower dead point.
  • Programmable to ensure the accuracy of different parts.
  • With the function of slow rebound control function, the operators can better control the work pieces.

Hydraulic system:

  • Use of split tank
  • Independent shock buffer
  • So that Better mute
Press Brakes Cylinder: Stable quality and easy to maintain.
  • Forging and tempering treatment of 45 steel
  • Also, fine boring and extrusion of inner hole
Piston rod:
  • Forging and tempering treatment of 45 steel as well
  • Cylindrical chromium plating

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