Hydraulic Plate Shears Common Troubleshoot

Recently, many new and old users have asked us about the use or maintenance of Hydraulic Plate Shears. According to the common sense of plate shearing machine and users questions, China professional plate shear manufacturer SHEARCHY summarized as follows.

General Fault and Troubleshooting Method of Hydraulic Shears

Question 1: How to Replace the pipeline seal of hydraulic shearing machines?

  • Firstly, put the upper carriage of the hydraulic plate shear machine to the lower dead center.
  • Secondly, cut off the power supply of the machine tool, loosen the connecting pipe of the oil leakage part and take out the damaged seal.
  • Then, coat the joint groove with oil.
  • Then install the new seal into the groove and tighten the connecting pipe.
  • Finally, the hydraulic plate shears are charged with oil to reset and put into normal use.

Question 2: Why does hydraulic shear not produce working pressure?


  • Check whether the positive and negative rotation of the metal shear motor and oil pump are correct.
  • Clean the valve element of the safety relief valve.
  • Clean the two position four-way solenoid valve of shear’s hydraulic system.

Question 3: How to solve the problem of slow return speed of hydraulic plate shears?

  • Refill the sheet metal shearing machine once.
  • Whether there are signs of oil leakage and oil spills at the connecting parts.
  • Check the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator of the plate shear: the normal nitrogen pressure is 4-5mpa. If it is lower than that, please fill the nitrogen in time.

Question 4: CNC cutting machine can not move back and forth, what specific reasons? How to troubleshoot?

  • First, check whether there is any problem with the relief valve in the numerical control shearing machine. And whether there is any problem with the electrical appliance or limit switch device.
  • Also, check whether the foot switch on the shearing machine is damaged. Whether the oil pump damaged……
  • If all of the above are normal, no problem. Next, check the valve block. And whether there is any problem with all the electrical appliances associated with it.

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