Press Brake Machine Center

Press Brake Bending Machine has higher labor productivity and higher working precision for bending metal sheet.

PLC Technology in Brake Press Machinery

PLC has a wide range of applications in the control system of CNC bending equipment. With its continuous development, the current CNC & PLC technology has been able to complete the following control functions.

Main Functions of PLC in CNC Press Brake Bending Machine

  • Conditional Control Function

We also call it logical control or sequential control function. Condition control means substituted series, parallel, and other types of logical connections with the PLC relay contacts “and, or, not” instruction. So it controls the switch of the CNC bending machine.

  • Timing and Counting Controls

It refers to the use of PLC provided timers and counter instructions to achieve a certain operation of timing or counting control. Moreover, this can replace time relays and counting relays.

  • Step Control

This function means that only after the completion of the previous process can carry out the next operation in the control of multi-channel processing. So, it can replace the stepping controller composed of benders’ hardware.

  • Data Processing

In other words, PLC can carry out data transfer, comparison, shift, number conversion, arithmetic and logic operations, as well as coding and decoding operations.

  • A/D and D/A Conversion

This conversion function refers to the conversion between analog and digital quantities through AID and D/A modules.

  • Motion Control

It is to control single or multi-axis movement through high-speed counting module and position control module.

  • Process Control

It refers to the closed-loop control of temperature, pressure, speed, flow and other physical parameters through the control instruction or module of PLC.

  • Extended Functions

Professional press brake bending machine manufacturers may connect the input/output expansion module (i.e. UO expansion unit) to increase the number of inputs and output points, but also by attaching a variety of intelligent units and special function units to improve the control of the PLC.

  • Remote UO Function

We can connect all kinds of input or output devices scattered over a long distance with the host computer of PLC with the UO unit for remote control, receiving the input signal and sending out the output signal.

  • Communication Networking

The function of communication network refers to the realization of remote I/O control or data exchange through the networking between PLCs and the connection between PLC and upper computer, so as to complete large-scale system control.

  • Monitoring Function

The PLC can monitor the operation status and process of each part in the CNC bender system. Furthermore, it will alarm and record the abnormal situation of system, and even automatically terminate the operation. At the same time, it can also adjust and modify the setting values of timers and counters in the control program or force the I/O state on-line.

WUXI SHEARCHY CNC hydraulic benders have full numerical control, high strength, high accuracy, fast speed, user-friendly, long using life characteristics. All these advantages benefit from the development and application of PLC technology in the field of CNC machine tools.