3-Roll Plate Bending Machine for sale

In recent years, there are lots of Universal Plate Roller Machine produced in China. Its metal rolling process is becoming more and more exquisite. With the continuous progress of production technology in hydraulic rollers, the accuracy and performance of Wuxi Shearchy mechanical parts have reached a relatively high level.

Bending Roll Process of CNC Plate Roller Machinery Universal Series

CNC universal rolling machine adopts the working mode of hydraulic transmission with horizontal movement of upper roll lifting. It is driven by lower rollers. In addition, it has electrically centralized control of operating system and can complete the pre-bending of both ends of sheet metal. Moreover, it can roll cylindrical and arc work pieces at one time.

Metal Plate Bending Roll Procedures

The rolling process of universal plate roller machine can be roughly divided into four parts.

  • Pre-bending

When rolling the plate, the two ends of the plate have a length which does not bend because they cannot touch the upper roll. So, we call it remaining straight edge. Technically, we call the small arm that begins to bend a flat plate as theoretical residual straight edge. Also, its size is related to the equipment mechanism and bending form.

  • Alignment

The aim of sheet metal alignment is to make the bus bar of the work piece parallel to the roller shaft. What’s more, it can prevent the production from twisting.

  • Rolling

Circle rolling is the main process of product forming. It can be divided into one feed and multiple feed. The mode of multiple feeds is commonly used in rolling thick plates. Feed times depend on process and equipment constraints. When the amount of cold roll rebound significantly, we have to add a certain amount of excessive volume.

  • Correction roll

There must be some errors in the rolling process of universal metal roller machine. In order to improve the consistency and accuracy of products, we suggest that users must calibrate after rolling. The purpose of circle rectification is to make the curvature of the circle uniform as far as possible and to ensure the product quality.

Generally, we divide round correction into three steps:
  1. Firstly, load:

Adjust the work roll to the position of the required large correction curvature according to experience or calculation.

  1. The Second, round rolling

Please roll the drum 1 ~ 2 circles under the correction curvature, so that the entire uniform circular curvature.

  1. In the end, unload:

Gradually unloading the press, the work piece rolls up several times under the slowly decreasing correction load.

Except the basic metal rolling function, CNC universal plate roller machine can also carry out certain shaping and leveling of sheet metal. It configures CNC system control to improve the degree of automation. Therefore, it has the functions of direct pre-bending, saving time and materials. If you are in need of 3-roll or 4-roll sheet metal roller machines, please contact us at once!