Press Brake Machine Center

Sheet Metal Press Brake is widely used in the field of metal forming industry. Its main structure generally includes three parts: bracket, work table and clamping plate.

Metal Bending Machine Classification

The common types of press brakes are similar to plate shears, including manual, hydraulic and numerical control.

Among them, the manual bending machines classification: mechanical press brake and electric press brake. And in the hydraulic bending machines, there are two kinds of moving up and down.

Nowadays, NC or CNC Hydraulic Bending Machinery is more and more popular.

Shearchy Plate Bending Machine Composition

Slider: It is hydraulic transmission commonly. The structure comprises sliding block, oil cylinder and mechanical retaining block. Moreover, the ram stroke and the back gauge position can be speedily adjusted by motor and fine adjusted by handle.

Synchronous System: Mainly for mechanical synchronization systems. The advantages are simple structure, and stable performance. The main parts have twisted axis, swing arm and joint bearing, etc.

Worktable: The button box controls its operation. And the CNC system controls the moving distance. In addition, the limit device of travel switch is configured in front and rear positions.

Back Gauge: Generally for the motor drive. Numerical control system controls the movement.

What exactly is the slider stroke of sheet metal press brake?

Bending slider stroke refers to the height of the slider from the top of the rail to the bottom. Generally, the user should set it according to the mold and fixture used.

Can CNC Press Brakes bending any angle?

In theory, bending machines can make any angle. However, in practice, the bending angle would be limited by the mold used. Users must use plate bending machines with the corresponding mold. Otherwise, there may be angle inconsistency and other problems.

Shearchy Easy bend NC press brakes are suitable choice for customers who need sheet metal press brake under than 250 Tons. As a result of rising energy costs and increasingly cost efficient speed-controlled drives offered on the market, variable-speed solutions are on the advance. Shearchy has also promoted EuroBend CNC press brake for sale. Welcome to visit our website for more information!