Steel Plate Bending Roll Machine Photo

Plate Rolling Machine development affects the development of industry to a great extent. The design and production of plate bending roll are particularly important. Wuxi Shearchy try our best to designand produce more efficient and more durable metal rollers.

What aspects we consider when designing metal plate rolling machine?

Only by designing good products can we produce good products and provide more power for industrial processing. It is usually designed with the following considerations in mind.

  1. Consider the design of the drive

At present, there are two main driving ways of metal rolling machinery: gear type and belt type.

Gear Type:

  • Compact construction
  • Longer life
  • Work more reliable
  • Accurate transmission
  • Ensure high efficiency

Belt Type:

  • Smoother transmission
  • Less noise
  • Protection against overload

Usually, when there is only one active roller in the machine, it is better to choose belt type. When there is more than one driving roller, the manufacturer should choose gear type.

  1. Consider the design of power

Here the main consideration is: how much power plate will need to form a different shape. It is necessary to calculate how much driving force is needed when the sheet is 40%, 70%, 90% and 100% shaped. Then, the metal roller machine manufacturers choose the configuration of the motor according to the results of the maximum power.

  1. Consider the design of the upper and lower rollers

Shearchy Technology will consider the structure of the upper and lower rollers respectively. What’s more, we will check the stiffness, strength, anti-fatigue strength, safety strength, bending strength and unloading state of the upper and lower rollers respectively.

  1. Consider the design of the reducer

The design of the accelerator should fully consider the transmission design. Simply put, it is necessary to determine the first transmission to determine the reducer. Generally speaking, the role of the reducer is to transfer the power of the motor. Also, it cannot cause the lower roll interference problems. Therefore, most reducers use a symmetrical structure. Design also needs to consider its economy, simple, practical and convenient.

When rolling machine manufacturers have a product design, we usually need to demonstrate. When drafting, Shearchy will design several schemes, and then choose the most suitable one for production after demonstration. Only in this way can high-quality metal plate rolling machine be guaranteed.

Wuxi Shearchy supply three roller bending machine and four roller bending machine all around the world. If you are in need of metal rolling machines, welcome to contact us immediately!