Hydraulic Press Brake Dies

Metal Bending Machine is the first choice for metal plate processing, especially large sheet metal forming. With different molds, bending machinery can do plate bending, stretching, pressing round, punching and other processes.

Bending Machinery Widespread Application

Metal plate press brake is a kind of forging machinery. Moreover, its main role is in the metal processing industry.

Widespread applications: light industry, aviation, shipping, metallurgy, instrumentation, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structure construction and decoration industries.

What are the factors that affect Sheet Metal Press Brake Bending?

Generally speaking, we evaluate bending process in these two aspects: quality and quantity.

As a rule, quality is subdivided into: precision of dimension and angle, and grade of bending parts (surface indentation, scratches and warping deformation, etc.). While quantity is productive.

Five factors that affect Sheet Metal Bending

CNC metal bending machine bending quality properties

  1. Mechanical Properties: such as machine model, opening, stroke, tonnage and so on.
  2. Mold Properties: for instance disupper die, lower die, die base, etc.
  3. Material Properties: like cold rolling, hot rolling, roll plate, open flat material, etc.
  4. Processing Attribute: for example, cavity bending, bottom pressing bending and stamping bending.
  5. Environmental Attribute: such as light, dust, noise and 5S management.

Shearchy NC Metal Bending Machine for sale

  • It adopts all-steel welded structure with sufficient strength and rigidity. The machine body eliminates the internal stress by aging vibration or annealing furnace.
  • The wall panels use a c-shaped structure. So it can be placed side by side to process large work pieces.
  • Hydraulic drive mode: oil cylinder installed on both ends of the machine tool connected with the slide block directly drive the sliding work
  • The sliding block synchronization mechanism adopts torsion shaft. It makes the sliding block move smoothly.
  • The positioning adopts the oil cylinder built-in mechanical block structure. So it has high repeat positioning accuracy.
  • Slide stroke and back gauge distance can be quickly adjusted by electric, manual fine-tuning, counter display.
  • The slider can stop at any location, improving safety.
  • The upper die has a quick clamping device. It can shorten the time of mold change and improve the production efficiency. What’s more, it has manual adjustment device, which improves the work precision and using life.

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