Hydraulic Metal Sheet Press Brake Bending Machine

If Metal Sheet Press Brake valve group fails, how should the user diagnose the problem? What are the effective measures? The hydraulic press brake machine manufacturer SHEARCHY will analyze for customers!

Plate Bending Machine Valve Problems and Troubleshoot

Problem 1: CNC brake press reversing valve cannot work well or the reversing action is slow

  • Reason:

    • Moisturizing is not good.
    • Bullet yellow stuck or destroyed
    • Oil or residue stuck
  • Measures:

    • Before checking the power circuit fault, please turn the manual button of the reversing valve twice. Then, see whether the reversing valve can normally reverse under the rated standard air pressure. If everything is OK, the power circuit is faulty.
    • During inspection, use the instrument panel to measure the working voltage of the magnet coil. Check if achieve the rated current. If the working voltage is too low, the user shall further check the switching power supply in the control circuit and the associated trip arrangement switching circuit.

Problem2: The hydraulic transmission system of metal sheet press brake fails

  • Phenomenon:

    • The valve cannot reverse or the reversing action is slow, leakage, electromagnetic induction pilot valve is faulty, etc.
    • Sealing is not tight.
    • Flow transformer core stuck.
    • Power circuit failure…

So these can cause Wuxi Shearchy hydraulic brake press reversing valve cannot be all normal working.

  • Measures:

For the above problems, please first check whether the operation of the oil atomizer is normal. And check whether the viscosity of the lubricating oil is suitable.

    • If the reversing valve can’t turn over normally under the rated current, you should check whether the connection head (power plug) of the magnet coil is loose or false contact.
    • In response to the first three cases, the hydraulic press brakes user should clean up the oil dirt and residue on the core of the pilot valve and the liquidity transformer.
    • If the air inlet and outlet of the solenoid pilot valve are blocked by dirt such as oil dirt.

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