Steel Metal CNC Hydraulic Plate Shear Machine for sale

Metal Plate Shear is a kind of forging machinery, mainly used in metal processing industry.

CNC hydraulic shearing machine working principles

It uses a reasonable blade clearance to apply shear force to metal sheet materials of various thicknesses with a moving upper blade and a fixed blade. So the sheet material breaks apart according to the desired size.

After shearing, the high quality metal plate shear should be able to ensure the straightness and parallelism of the cutting surface and minimize the distortion of sheet materials in order to obtain high quality work pieces.

  • Upper blade is fixed on the tool holder. The lower blade is fixed on the worktable.
  • Shearchy plate shear Y-type structure workbench has rotation ball and self-compensation function to reduce the scratching on the steel plate and the friction of transportation.
  • Shears’ back gauge fixes plate materials. And the motor adjusts its position.
  • Press cylinder is used to press the sheet to prevent the sheet from moving during shearing.
  • Guardrail is a safety device in case of accidents at work.
  • The plate shearing machine adopts nitrogen return way: fast speed and small impact.

Sheet Metal Plate Shearing Machine Classification

  • Power Principle: mechanical shears and hydraulic shears.
  • Blade Motion Mode: swing shear and guillotine shear.
  • Operation Mode: manual shearing machines, simple NC shears, full CNC shearing machines.

The most popular metal plate shearing machines are hydraulic and numerical control type in the market now. As a professional metal plate shears manufacturer, WUXI SHEARCHY recommend cost-effective NC swing beam shear and high precision high performance CNC guillotine shear to users.

More detailed classification of hydraulic plate shears, please click here: Classification of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Cautions for using metal plate shear machinery:

  1. Before shearing machine operation, the user first tests run it for several cycles. After making sure everything is normal, please try to cut different thickness plates from thin to thick.
  2. When shearing sheets of different thickness, you must adjust for different blade gap. If the user does not tune the corresponding blade clearance, it will affect the durability of steel cutting blade.
  3. During the shearing process, turn on the pressure gauge switch and observe the pressure value of the oil circuit.
  4. If there is any strange noise during operation, stop and check it immediately.
  5. The temperature of oil tank must be less than 60 degrees in working. If exceeded, turn off to have a rest.

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