CNC Plate Bending Machine quality certifications

CNC Plate Bending Machine quality has always been the focus of major manufacturers.

Shearchy CNC plate bending machine quality control system

In order to ensure and improve press brake quality, we have established a quality information feedback management system. Thus, it is easy to deal with and solve various problems that may exist in the design, manufacturing and production of hydraulic brake press.

Feedback on Quality

Quality information mainly includes internal information of enterprise and external information. For the need of product improvement, enterprises should establish quality information feedback management system.

Internal information of plate bending machine quality is the quality problems found in the production process.

The main feedback channels are as follows:
  • In normal production, on-site technicians tracking the production and processing procedures found possible problems.
  • Inspectors found unqualified items.
  • Operators feedback and the next processing reaction to the quality problems.

External information of bending machinery quality is generally the quality information of products in use.

The main feedback channels are:
  • Users’ quality response and complaints.
  • Enterprises’ regular visits to users.

How to control the CNC hydraulic press brakes quality?

When found serious quality problems, we immediately stop production and timely organizational analysis to find out the causes. Technicians and sales staff discuss and analyze all the possible factors. With the information management system, we can feedback to the relevant departments to address and assign responsibilities. Treatment or improvement measures will also be proposed. With regard to feedback from users and distributors, we will timely discuss comments and feedback information from the visits at quality meetings.

Sheet metal press brake quality improvement

From the point of the generation, realization and guarantee of machinery quality, the design personnel are founders. Then, processing technicians are creators of bender product quality. Moreover, production operators are the builders of bender quality. Finally, product inspectors are brake press machine quality guardian.

In sheet metal bending and stamping, the operation specifications developed by technical personnel also play an important role in ensuring work pieces quality. Please make sure to use cnc plate bending machine in accordance with the operating procedures!!!

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