CNC Hydraulic Metal Plate Shear Machine

Metal Plate Shear Machine development of numerical control technology and the basic components. With the development of science and technology, there are great changes in the manufacturing technology of CNC machine tools shearing machine.

Plate Shearing Machine CNC Technology Development

As the demands for product diversification is more intense. The proportion of multi-species, small and medium-sized mass production increased significantly. It is difficult to adapt to the high efficiency, high quality and diversified processing requirements by using traditional common cutting equipment.

  • The application of CNC technology of metal plate shear machine greatly shortens the preparation time.
  • Moreover, it makes the whole process automation level of machining continuously improve.
  • At the same time, it also enhances the ability of manufacturing system to adapt to the changes of various production conditions.

Metal Plate Shear Machine Numerical Control Accessories

The basic components of CNC SHEARCHY plate shear machines:

Machining program, input device, CNC system, servo system, auxiliary control device, feedback system and machine body.


Metal Plate Shear Machine Numerical Control System
Metal Plate Shear Machine Numerical Control System

We can write the processing program manually. Also, we can map the complex machining requirements on a computer in advance. And then, use CNC system to generate the programs. We can input the program by the panel of CNC system. Users can use cable for transmission with the communication port as well. In addition, users can use the computer USB interface for transmission.

Basic Components of Sheet Metal Shears

  • Firstly, there are some parts of the circuit. Generally including: various buttons, indicator lights, control contacts, transformers, switches, motors, etc.
  • The next, its the hydraulic system accessories. There are: oil pump, valves of various specifications, pressure gauge and its switch, liquid level gauge, oil pipe fitting, sealing ring and so on.
  • Finally, there are other mechanical parts. It includes steel cutting blades, bearings, tool holders, various types and specifications of bolts, gears, polished rods……
Metal Plate Shear Machine Electrics
Metal Plate Shear machine Electrics

The above is the accessories of the hydraulic plate shears. Wuxi Shearchy is here to remind new customers that when receiving the machine, you should check whether the accessories are in good condition according to the instructions. Although these are small, they are essential. If you can find problems in time, you will use the machine faster and better.