3 Roll Bending Machines for sale

What are the operation requirements of 3 Roll Bending Machines? What should users need to pay attention to when using CNC rolling machine?

Three Roll Bending Machine Operation Precautions

Metal Plate Requirements

  • Before rolling, must remove burr, flash, slag and welding scar from the steel plate.
  • The weld arc R of butt steel plate requires smooth transition. In addition, the plate needs polishing. And the weld shall not be too much higher than the base metal (generally about 1mm).
  • No point contact allowed between the weld and the upper and lower rolls of the plate rolling machinery.

Shearchy 3 Roll Bending Machines Operation Requirements

  • The operator must read the instructions of metal rolling machines carefully. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. It is strictly prohibited to operate three roller plate rolling machine with problems or operate against regulations.
  • Check the running state of 3 roll bending machines regularly. Only operators who meet the operation conditions and pass the examination with the work license can operate.
  • When the overturning frame completely reset, the indicator light of overturning reset on the operation platform is on. And the balance oil cylinder has risen to the highest point, users can carry out the operation of the upper roll lifting, the lower roll positive and reverse rotation and the idler lifting of three rollers plate bending roll.
  • When the upper roll is at the highest position( indicator light on) and touch screen turns over the interface, press the lower button of the balance cylinder after the front and rear support cylinders rise to the position. At this moment, the upper limit light of the front and rear support cylinders on the touch screen is on. That is to say, when pressing to the tail of the upper roller, the preload should be controlled at about 4-5mm, not too much! Otherwise, the tail of the upper roller will be excessively bent and the upper roller. Also, other work pieces will be damaged.
  • The SHEARCHY plate roller can turn over the rack to set the falling value of balance cylinder. The tripod can turn over as well. No one allowed to stand in front of the overturning frame (i.e. outside)!
    • Metal Roller Usage Special Tips:

as the foundation bolts of the new metal roller chassis have not grout, please immediately grout! After the cement mortar completed and solidified, screw the anchor bolt. And then the roll over / reset operation of the roll over frame to do metal rolling processing.

  • Generally, adjust the lifting of idler before rolling steel plate. In the rolling process, if it is necessary to adjust the lifting and lowering of the idler, please lift the upper roller. When the upper roller presses the steel plate or the lower roller, the lifting of the supporting roller shall not be adjusted. The adjustment amount of idler is generally at ±9, i.e. – 38 ≤ h ≤ 38.
  • This 3-roll bending rolls has 5 groups of idlers. In detail, the adjustment amount of the intermediate idlers is generally more. The adjustment amount of roller on both sides is less. It shall be subject to the fact that the rolled barrel does not have waist drum or waist and the rolled product bus is straight.

Metal Plate Roller Machine Other Operating Tips

  • When the upper roll is up and down, the synchronous button of the upper roll up and down on the touch screen is in working state. The setting value of upper roll synchronous lowering is 1mm. The rising value of upper roll synchronization is 2mm. The set data value should not be too small. The upper roll shall basically synchronized during the up / down process. Level the upper roll in time. The reading difference between the display position of the upper roll on the overturning side and the display position of the upper roll on the fixed side shall be ≤ So, prevent the upper roll from tilting excessively to damage the machine parts.
  • There should be no foreign matters stuck between the idler and the lower roller. For example: electrode head, small steel plate. So as to avoid damage or block idler and lower roller.
  • Please regularly remove the oxide skin on the chassis and idler device. When cleaning the oxide scale, workers shall not damage the travel switch, rotary encoder and its connecting wire, etc.
  • Check the engagement of rotary encoder regularly. Generally, after the machine started, the upper roller and balance cylinder piston rod rise to the highest point. Then enter the commissioning interface and clear the three coordinates of YF, YG and balance cylinder H.
  • Regularly, check the tightness of bolts and tighten them in time.
  • Lubrication points, lubrication regularly refuel.

The above considerations are somewhat complex, but very important and detailed. Please be sure to understand the usage of 3-roll plate bending roll. To avoid product quality problems and safety accidents!