Metal Plate Rolling Machine Gears and Manufacturing

Metal Plate Rolling Machine design and manufacture of WUXI SHEARCHY is very strict.

Plate Bending Rollers Gear Problems

However, it is also inevitable that various problems will arise in the operation of CNC metal rollers. For example, the problem of gear deformation and crack defects of bending rolls.

6 tips for metal plate rolling machine gears manufacturing troubleshooting

4-roll Metal Plate Rolling Machine
4-roll Metal Plate Rolling Machine
  • In the heat treatment process, strictly abide by the heat treatment specifications and correct operation.

Quenching and tempering in time to eliminate quenching stress can effectively improve the toughness of gears. Due to some defects caused by decarbonization, it is necessary to re-quench after re-carbonization treatment. The situation caused by this kind of mistake is very troubling. Therefore, heat treatment must be regulated.

  • Correct selection of materials and reasonable metal plate rolling machine design

For gears with complex shape and large cross-section size, manufacturers should choose steel with good permeability in order to use oil-cooled quenching. In the design of part structure, we should consider the requirements of heat treatment comprehensively. In order to avoid the thickness difference, the position of the gear keyway should be reasonably arranged.

  • Annealing or normalizing before quenching

This process refines the grains and homogenized the structure, thereby reducing the internal stress generated by quenching.

  • Strict control of quenching temperature

When quenching, we will strictly controlling the heating temperature to prevent overheating of the austenite grain coarsening. At the same time, it can also reduce thermal stress during quenching.

  • Appropriate cooling method

For example: double medium quenching, martensitic graded quenching or bainite isothermal quenching and so on. In quenching, please make the gear cool even as far as possible.

  • Treatment of gear deformation

For gears with little deformation, we can correct them after quenching and tempering. When the deformation is large or the crack occurs, the gear can only be scrapped.

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