CNC Brake Press Machine slider backgauge

CNC Brake Press Machine is made up of numerical control system, worktable and back gauge mechanism.

Constitute of CNC hydraulic Press Brakes Slider

The slider part consists of slider blocks, oil cylinders and fine-tuning structure of mechanical blocks. The left and right cylinders fixed to the frame move the slider up and down through hydraulic pressure. What’s more, the mechanical block controlled by the numerical control system adjust the value.

How to deal with CNC brake press machines slider block return problems?

  • Debugging the Bending Parameters of Y-Shaft

The parameters of CNC bending machines should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Adjustment gain is too small, the slider will cannot fold the work piece or bending not well; too large, the slider will jitter. When adjusting the parameters, we should ensure that the slider does not shake.

When the slider does not move, first we can try to adjust the gain as much as possible. The reason why the bender slider does not move maybe also that the left and right valves are biased or not set well, for example: the value is too small, the Y axis cannot work in place; value is too large; the Y-axis cannot be unloaded. If it is a failure of the hydraulic system, we need to check whether the main pressure and the PV valve S5 are always in the state of electricity.

  • Analyze the Cause of the Lack of Force

First of all, it may be the cause of programming or signal problems, as well as the hydraulic part. In detail, the main reasons for programming are mold selection, thickness, material, work piece length, bending methods and so on. The main reasons for the hydraulic system are the oil pump internal leakage, proportional pressure valve pollution or damage, filter blockage, hydraulic oil pollution and so on.

  • Check Cnc Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Bending Programming and Operation

Programming errors and incorrect operation are often common factors that cause the slider of the bending machine not to move.

When the slider is not working properly, the user, please check the program and the processed work piece at once first.

Above are some tips for CNC press brake machine troubleshooting. If you are in need of cost-effective sheet metal bending machine with good quality, welcome to contact us with your demands!