3-Roll Plate Bending Machine for sale

Metal Plate Roller is a kind of equipment which can bend or roll sheet metal by the action of external force such as hydraulic pressure and mechanical force to make the working roller move. According to the rotation movement and position change of different shape working roller, it can process elliptic work piece, arc work piece, cylindrical work piece and other products.

Two Important Components of Metal Rolling Machines

Rolling Bearing and Gear Box are two important parts in Plate Bending Rollers.

Today, plate roller manufacturer Shearchy will introduce these two essential accessories for users.

Rolling Bearing of Plate Bending Rolls

Rolling bearing is a precision part of metal plate roll machines. Therefore, it plays a key role in the roll plate. Correct use of it can not only achieve the desired functional effect, but also can extend the running time of the roller bearing and improve the service life. Moreover, customers must pay attention to the correct use of bearings.

Note for use of metal plate roller bearing

  • Use appropriate and accurate installation tools

Please use special tools and try to avoid cloth and staple.

  • Prevent the corrosion of rolling machine bearings

Wash the sweat off your hands thoroughly before touching the bearings directly. And bearings coated with high-quality oil before operation. Pay more attention to rust prevention during the rainy season and summer.

  • Keep it clean and its surroundings clean

Keep in mind that even small particles of dust invisible to the naked eye can enter a bearing and increase its wear, vibration and noise.

  • Use and install carefully

No strong stamping! It is not allowed to hit the bearing directly with hammer!

Gear Box of Rolling Machine

It is an important mechanical part. Generally, the metal plate roller gear box uses the general design plan. It has a wide range of applications, such as in wind turbines. In addition, we can provide industry-specific gear boxes for plate rollers according to customers’ requirements.

The gearbox bears the force from the wind wheel and the reaction force from the gear transmission. Driven by the gear box, the plate winder needs to be rigid enough to bear the force and torque. Excellent gear box can effectively prevent deformation and ensure transmission quality.

SC metal roller adopts the structure of sound absorber. It has a large box surface area and a large fan. Cylindrical gear and spiral bevel gear use advanced grinding technology to reduce the temperature and noise of the whole machine. Thus, it will improve the reliability of operation and transmission power.

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