Horizontal CNC V Grooving Machine for sale

CNC V Grooving Machine is a kind of sheet metal processing equipment. In the field of sheet metal bending, it is often used with CNC hydraulic bending machine. Many special metal plates cannot be directly bent to meet the high quality and high precision processing standards. At this point, the user can first use CNC grooving machine for slotting, and then use bending machine. This will greatly improve the appearance and quality of the work piece. It will reduce equipment investment and save energy.

CNC V grooving machine Functions

By controlling the depth of v-shaped grooving of metal sheet material, this machine can make the special sheet material bent and formed by standard die in common bending machines. Users can use Standard Press Brake to bend various materials into shapes with universal mold. However, there are also many special metal sheets cannot be bent well in the ordinary bending machines. At this time, the customer’s best way is to purchase slotting machine to help bend.

Otherwise, you have to use specially designed complex molds to bend. Custom made molds are not universal and can only be used for one kind of specific work piece. If you often bend different special plates, you’ll need a variety of special molds. It’s expensive and impractical. In this case, CNC V groover is your best choice! It will reduce equipment investment and save energy.

Shearchy CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine Advantages

In the absence of special CNC V grooving machine, people usually use grooving machine to V- shaped slotting of metal sheet materials. Because gantry type groover has no effective and reliable metal sheet press device. It cannot precisely control the depth of v-shaped groove and the location interval of v-shaped groove. Moreover, it has the disadvantages of high energy consumption and low efficiency. At present, CNC horizontal V grooving machine is the first choice for metal sheet v-shaped slotting.

  • Reduce the force required for sheet metal bending

The bending process shows that the bending force is directly proportional to the thickness of the plate. After v-grooving before bending, the thickness of the remaining sheet is about half or less than that of the original sheet metal. Therefore, the bending force required by the plate bending is also reduced accordingly. This allows the long sheet metal to be bent in smaller tonnage bending machines. Thus, it can meet the special requirements of high-grade decoration metal plates in hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, Banks, airports and other places.

  • Locate the length of the bending side before bending

By making a shallow v-shaped groove on the material, users can predetermine the length of the bending side before bending. Then, users work in the bending machine with the pre-carved V groove. It can not only ensure the length of bending side of the correct size, but also can replace the function of CNC bending machine back gauge.

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