Industrial Metal Shear Electrical Components ELGO P40 control system

Industrial Metal Shear normal use is inseparable from the maintenance of electrical components. The aging of electrical components is a problem that troubles many users. Professional plate shearing machine supplier Shearchy will give you a detailed introduction of shear machine electrical components.

Metal shears electrical components

The main electrical components of industrial metal shear are button switch, stroke switch, contactor, transformer, air circuit breaker, switching power supply and so on.

  • Button Switch

This switch is widely used in the circuit control of shear machine. It is used to turn on or off a short low current to control the switching circuit. Then it can control the startup and suspension of the motor. By controlling contactors and relays, it will control the electrical connection or disconnection of the main circuit.

  • Stroke Switch

We also call stroke switch as limit switch. It is an automatic control electrical device that switches the circuit according to the position of plate shearing machines’ moving parts. Working principle: block and stroke switch control its connection or disconnect to limit the movement deviation and stroke position of the moving parts.

  • Contactor

It is an automatic control device for frequently switching on or off main circuit with a load, such as the main motor. There are two main types of AC contactor and DC contactor. Moreover, the most utilized in the plate shears is the AC contactor.

  • Transformer

It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the assembly of AC voltages. In the shearing machine, it is mainly used to change the 380V to 220V (shear illumination) and 24V (the operating current of each parts) and other lower voltages.

  • Air Circuit Breaker

Also known as air switch. And it refers to the contact head under the gas pressure of the air division of the circuit breaker. What’s more, it integrates moderation and multiple protection functions into one. So it can control the link and separation of the main power supply and to ensure the circuit safety.

  • Power Supply

It maintains a stable output voltage by controlling the connection, disconnection and circulation current ratio of industrial metal shearing machine to ensure the reliability of circuit system.

Industrial metal shears electrical component aging problems

Firstly, substandard electrical components are easy to aging. In addition, unqualified circuit design and installation is also an important factor to accelerate component aging. Moreover, this will lead to serious faults in the circuit and control system of the shears. Therefore, users in the purchase of metal shearing machine must pay attention to whether its electrical components qualified.

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