CNC Brake Press Machine slider backgauge

Sheet Metal Bending Machine Back gauge is an important mechanism to ensure the precision of cnc press brake machining.

Standard CNC bending machine back gauge

Standard sheet metal bending machine back gauge device comprises R-axis rail, X-axis and Z-axis rail. The sliding Z-axis track is equipped with a stop finger. The back gauge mechanism with positioning device can avoid the inertia effect of feeding on finger position to improve positioning accuracy.

Reasons for positioning error of press brake backgauge

  • Poor cleaning and routine maintenance

The user should keep the ball screw and linear guide rail clean and regularly do the lubrication maintenance work. Impurities attached to the screw and double rails can damage their performance and affect the normal operation of the rear retaining material.

  • Deviation between linear guide rail on back gauge beam and the parallelism of press bending die is too large

In this case, we need to adjust the machine’s synchronization system to ensure that the parallel tolerances are within a reasonable range. Our metal bending machinery elctro-hydro ratio servo synchronization controls arbitrary point within stoke repeating accuracy at +/0.1, parallelism at+/0.02.

Correct debugging steps of CNC sheet metal bending machines

  • After power on, turn on the switch on the control Panel. Then, turn on the pump.
  • Adjust the stroke:

The users must adjust the stroke of hydraulic brake press machine before using it. The adjustment of stroke can be divided into electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment. Users can operate on their own according to the actual situation.

  • The adjustment of the rear retaining material:

Users can also choose the electric mode or manual mode according to the actual needs.

  • When press brake bending upper die drops to the bottom, we must ensure that it is at least one plate thickness distance from the lower die. Pressing bending upper and lower molds tightly together will cause damage to bending tools and machines.
  • Before normal production, users must carry test run operation first.
Press Brake Sheet Metal Bending Machine Punch and Die
Press Brake Sheet Metal Bending Machine Punch and Die

Shearchy CNC Hydraulic Press Brake back gauge applies ball screw, linear guide way with high accuracy. It has high stability. Moreover, it can control ram stoke (Y1,Y2) and back gauge(X,R,Z) with high anti-deviation ability. Welcome to contact us for more product information!