4 roller plate bending roll maintenance

Plate Bending Roll deeply loved by users, due to its high cost performance and simple structure. Moreover, its operation is convenient and easy to use. In the production of enterprises, whether the metal bending rolls can achieve high machining precision, product quality requirements and improve the production efficiency depends on not only the precision and performance of machine itself. To a large extent, it is also closely related to your operation and maintenance in work.

The advantages of Shearchy CNC plate rolling machines

  • Large distance from the center: make the plate is not easy to appear deformation and other problems.
  • Modular circuit design: it is safer, more stable and more efficient.
  • Diverse control modes: you can choose based on your actual needs.

As we all know, CNC sheet metal plate rolling machine is one of high-tech products. Numerical control metal rollers are comprehensive application of computer technology, automatic control technology, automatic detection technology and precision machinery design and manufacturing and other advanced technologies. In addition, as a typical mechatronics product, it has high technology intensity and degree of automation. Compared with ordinary plate rolling machine, cnc plate roller not only has the characteristics of high machining accuracy, high production efficiency, stable product quality and high degree of automation. But also it can complete the work that ordinary machine difficult to complete or other complex surface parts processing.

Metal plate bending rollers Maintenance

In the sheet metal manufacturing industry, the grade and quantity of machinery and equipment used in a factory are important indicators of an enterprise’s manufacturing and production capacity. We should pay attention to quality when buying sheet metal rollers. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the CNC plate bending roll repair and maintenance.

Users cannot simply understand machine maintenance as: numerical control system or mechanical parts and other parts repair or replace in the event of failure. It is not enough to rely solely on the maintenance of technicians to troubleshoot problems and repair them in time. The maintenance of plate bending roll should also include proper use and daily check.

What does metal roller maintenance include?

  1. Check and replace hydraulic oil regularly and ensure oil quality.
  2. The rolling process should be continuous and the operator should not interrupt at will.
  3. In the process of operation, the user should remove the debris in time to avoid damage to the roll shape.
  4. Workers must regularly remove rust and maintain the rollers so as not to affect the rolling effect.
  5. Some transmission parts in the rolling equipment should keep clean all the time to prevent affecting their normal work.

Notes for correct use of hydraulic plate bending rollers

  • When doing the coil operation, you should pay great attention to the hand is steel plate pressure and steel plate together.
  • If any abnormal phenomena such as irregular noise and impact are found, stop the machine immediately for inspection.
  • All personnel shall coordinate with each other and follow the command of the person in charge. Do not start the machine without a password.

To sum up, the customers only adhere to do a good job in the daily maintenance, can extend the service life of components and prolong the wear cycle of mechanical parts. It can prevent the occurrence of the accident malignant accident to ensure the long time stable work. Furthermore, it also give full use of sheet metal bending roll machine processing advantages to achieve the best technical performance. Professional plate bending rolls manufacturer Wuxi Shearchy Technology will share more useful information with you; please continue to focus our website!