CNC Hydraulic Metal Press Brake Machine 100ton 3200mm

What are the important points to purchase CNC hydraulic press brake? What elements should bending machine hydraulic press brake manufacturer have?

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Purchase knowledge of CNC bending machine manufacturers and products

  • Work piece

Hydraulic press brake manufacturer WUXI SHEARCHY Remind:

Please carefully consider the plate brand, the maximum processing thickness and length. If most of the work is mild steel with a thickness of 16 gauge and a maximum length of 10 feet, the free bending force does not have to be greater than 50 tons. If you carry out a large number of bottom die forming processes, you should consider purchasing a 150 ton hydraulic press brake machine tool.

  • Load

Under the same load, the deflection of the worktable and slider of the 10 foot bake press machine is 4 times that of the 5 foot bending machine. That is to say, shorter machines need less gasket adjustment to produce qualified parts. So reducing the gasket adjustment will shorten the preparation time. Of course, the material property of work piece is also a key factor. Compared with low carbon steel, stainless steel usually needs about 50% more load. The load of most brands of soft aluminum needs to be reduced by about 50%.

  • Bending radius

    • In sheet metal free bending, the bending radius is 0.156 times of the opening distance of the hydraulic press brake dies. And, the opening distance of the lower die should be 8 times of the thickness of the metal material.
    • If the bending radius is close to the thickness of the material, you must use a bottom die for forming. However, the pressure required for forming the bottom holding die is about 4 times larger than that for free bending.
    • If the bending radius is less than the material thickness, you need to use the press brake punch with the front corner radius less than the material thickness, and turn to the stamping bending method. This requires 10 times the free bending pressure.
  • Precision

The requirement of bending accuracy is a factor that you should consider carefully. It is a factor that determines whether you need to buy a common NC hydraulic brake press or CNC bending machinery, or servo electric hybrid press brake from hydraulic press brake manufacturer and supplier.

If the bending accuracy required to be ± 1 ° and cannot changed, you must be responsible for hydraulic CNC press brake machines. Therefore, high-precision machines and good brake press dies must be used for forming.

Because the repeatability of CNC bending machine slider is ± 0.0004 inch. The repeat accuracy of common press brakes slider is ± 0.002 inch. In addition, the deviation of ± 2 ~ 3 ° will occur when the mold used for actual work. Of course, hybrid press brake as new generation of energy-saving machinery. Its precision and stability are also excellent and more energy-saving and environmental protection.

For conventional molds, the deviation per foot is about ± 0.001 inch; the total length deviation is not greater than ± 0.005 inch. As for the precision grinding die, the accuracy per foot shall be ± 0.0004 inch. And the total accuracy shall not be greater than ± 0.002 inch. Generally, fine grinding die is suitable for hydraulic CNC press brake with high-end performance; conventional die is suitable for ordinary manual bending machines.