3-Roll Plate Bending Machine for sale

Roll Bending Machines after the continuous use for a period of time, there will be heating problems. So what is the cause of the heating of plate rolling machine? What’s the solution?

Plate Bending Rolling Machine Heat Problems Causes and Solutions

3-roll or 4-roll plate rolling machine is general equipment for bending metal plates into cylinder, arc or other shape work pieces.

4 Roll Plate Bending Machine for sale
4 Roll Plate Bending Machine for sale

Metal Plate Roller Working Principles and Applications

According to three-point rounding principle, the relative position changes and rotation movements will make the continuous plastic deformation of sheet metal. So as to obtain the work piece with predetermined shape.

All steel forming for the cylindrical type, mostly rolled by sheet rolling machines. With rotation movement and position change of the working roll with different shapes, CNC plate rolling machine can process round shaped work pieces.

Causes of SHEARCHY roll bending machines heating

  • The pressure adjusted too high. So, the speed of the bending roller machine becomes faster. Then the sealing ring and side plate will be burnt.
  • The oil tank of metal roller is too small. So the heat dissipation condition is poor.
  • Internal clearance: caused by excessive axial clearance or damage of sealing ring.

Correct solution to the heating failure of plate bending rolls

  • Before starting bending rolling machine, please check the power system. Check whether the operation of mechanical system is safe and reliable. Add lubricating oil as required.
  • After connecting the power supply, check the rotation direction of the big gear. Whether it is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow. Turn on the operating foot switch after confirming that all is normal.
  • Can only carry out Maintenance and repair of plate rollers during shutdown. During operation, do not extend any part of the human body into the closed area of the rotating part.
  • After the operation, cut off the power supply. Don’t forget to clean the machine tool and inject proper amount of smooth oil.
  • In case of any equipment failure, shut down the machine in time and contact the maintenance personnel.

3 or 4 roll bending machines are widely used in shipbuilding, chemical industry, boiler, hydropower, pressure vessel and machinery manufacturing industries. Wuxi Shearchy rolling machine manufacturer specializes in the production of metal roller machines. If you are in need of bending roll machinery, please contact us at once!