4 Roll CNC Rolling Machine for sale

In the Hydraulic Plate Roller usage, no matter what type of bending rolls, in addition to operation and maintenance, users should pay more attention to the following 3 safety issues. Please prevent and analyze the problems of the rolling machine in time.

Three Safety Problems of Sheet Metal Plat Roller Usage

Safety Hazards and Problem 1: overload

Overload is not allowed for any equipment and machinery! In the process, overload will easily lead to hydraulic plate roller machine failure. If it is serious, it may cause safety accidents. Overload can cause many problems, the most common of which are motor stop and fuse break. When the motor stops working, it needs to be dealt with immediately.

Sometimes, you may find that the overload can be dealt with by reducing the pressure of the upper roller and the lower roller. This is a common and necessary solution to deal with such problems.

Safety Hazards and Problem 2: insufficient force

In the case of insufficient force, the most common performance is the lack of intermediate force. In this way, it is easy to have a big situation in the middle.

For the occurrence of such problems, the user can apply pressure at both ends of the upper roller to analyze the stress situation. In addition, we can not ignore the deformation of hydraulic plate roller rolling device.

Safety Hazards and Problem 3: installation issues

The 4-roll plate rolling machine may also have some intermittent or very strange problems. In some strange problems, you need to check the installation and working environment , such as heat and humidity. After checking the installation is proper, firstly, we need to do is to check whether the control system is normal. If you think the installation may have problems, you should check, judge and analyze step by step according to the previous installation steps. Improper installation will cause problems such as accelerated wear and large heat output of bearing.

Above is plate roller for sale safety and usage tips. Any other metal plate bending problems and machine requirements to consult, welcome to contact us !