3 roll plat e roller bending machine for sale

The sheet metal continuously 3 roll bending machine formed several times will produce permanent plastic deformation. Then, rolled into the required cylinder, cone or part of it.

How to Make Taper Pipe with 3 Roll Bending Machine?

There are two ways to make taper pipe with three roll rolling machine :

  • Firstly, install the tapered device. If the diameter of the small head is too small, you should consider adding a built-in crimp unit.
  • If the diameter is small and the thin roll is long, three rolls can be made into conical rolls. However, the arc should be better, that is, the drum has a certain inclination. When rolling, if the lateral force is very large, it is necessary to increase a lateral reduction wheel, and the need to maintain quench wheel.
  • The upper roll of the plate rolling machine is in the middle of the two lower rolls.  with the hydraulic oil in the cylinder acting on the piston, it carries out vertical lifting movement. The rear gear of the final drive drives the two lower roller gears to engage. So, it rotates to provide torque for the metal rolling form. The plastic sheet of the plate rolling machine passes through three working rolls (two lower rolls and one upper roll) through the downward pressure of the upper roll and the rotary movement of the lower roll.

Taper Pipe three-roller Plate Bending Rolls Working Principle

The disadvantage of the hydraulic 3 roll bending machine is that the end of the plate needs to be pre bent by other equipment. The metal plate rolling machine is suitable for rolling large metal plates with thickness more than 50 mm. A row of fixed rollers added to the lower part of the two lower rollers shorten the span of the two lower rollers, thus improving the accuracy of the rolled work piece and the overall performance of plat roller.

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