CNC Hydraulic Metal Press Brake Machine 100ton 3200mm

Which type of CNC Plate Bending Machines is better: electro-hydraulic synchronization or hybrid servo? At present, customers who buy CNC bending machine are overwhelmed with a wide range of models, and do not know how to choose them. So let’s talk about two popular mainstream models on the market: electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machine and servo hybrid press brakes.

Electro hydraulic CNC Press Brake VS Servo Hybrid Press Brake

Common Hydraulic Synchro CNC Bending Machines Working Principles

The main cylinders of the two sides of the electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC bender adopt the hydraulic control system such as the proportional electro hydraulic servo valve and the grating ruler to form a closed-loop control. This is independently limited by CNC system, and precise data is fed back to ensure the accuracy of slider operation.

Hybrid Servo Plate Bending Machines Working Principles

The computer controls the flow and pressure of Y1 and Y2 cylinders respectively through two sets of servo two-way pump systems. Then oil pump directly lift the oil in the upper cavity of cylinder. The oil pump reversely drives the oil in the lower chamber directly into the upper chamber to realize the bending of the sheet metal. 2 sets of servo two-way pumps respectively control the left and right synchronization of the upper die. High precision, energy saving and low noise, more stable and reliable with less oil consumption. Moreover, it is conducive to the manufacture of large stroke and ultra-high speed brake press.

Differences and Comparison:

Electro hydraulic synchronous numerical control CNC press brakes and oil hybrid bending machines are like a tractor and a car. They are different types.

Compared with these two, WEK brake press is cheaper. What’s more, it is suitable for bending large-scale sheet metal and more cost-effective when it is over 250ton.

Oil hybrid servo plate bending machines, except for the high price, has many other advantages. Besides, it is suitable for 160t-250t, fast down 200 mm / s, return 200-350mm / s. And, left and right synchronization of the upper dies is in charge of two sets of servo pumps.

In conclusion, servo hybrid bending machine tool has high accuraccy, small friction, high synchronization, energy saving and environmental friendly. Also, it saves power, more stable & reliable and occupies less workplace.

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