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The hydraulic oil temperature of CNC sheet metal machines should be controlled between 30 degrees and 55 degrees. At this time, the viscosity, lubrication and wear resistance of the hydraulic oil are in the best state, so the working efficiency and stability of hydraulic control system and transmission system are the highest.

However, hydraulic oil temperature of CNC Press Brake is unstable and variable under different environment and in different operation. This article will tell you the causes of hydraulic oil high temperature in bending machine and how to deal with it.

The causes of high temperature of hydraulic oil in bending machine

  • poor heat dissipation

Too thick deposition of dirt on the surface of the bending machine results in poor heat dissipation and ventilation. Too low hydraulic oil level makes the hydraulic system circulation oil quantity insufficient.

  • Improper selection of type

Improper selection of types, especially viscosity index, will directly threaten the normal operation of hydraulic system. Therefore, only the hydraulic oil with stable viscosity and small range of variation can be selected. When selecting the hydraulic oil of the bending machine, it should consider the specific use environment, such as region, season, climate and so on. The customers working in winter in north China should choose it with lower viscosity; in summer, the customers should choose it with higher viscosity. SHEARCHY CNC Press Brake equipped with high quality special hydraulic oil is according to customer’s requirement and using environment.

  • Improper pressure adjustment

When the operator adjust system pressure too high, the overflow valve cannot overflow normally to reduce pressure. It will increase the internal leakage and cause the hydraulic system oil temperature to be too high.

  • The starving hydraulic pump sucks air

The starving hydraulic pump sucks air into the hydraulic oil. Under the high pressure, air cavitation and hydraulic shock will occur, with strong vibration and loud noise, resulting in rapid increase of oil temperature. The main cause of hydraulic pump suction air in bending machine is the blockage of feed filter or oil inlet pipe.

  • internalleakage

In the energy transfer process, if the internal leakage is serious, it will increase the volume loss of the system. The loss of energy converts into heat, resulting in a high system oil temperature. If the gap between the components is too small, there will be friction during the operation of the machine. It may also increase the oil temperature. On the contrary, excessive clearance causes serious leakage.

  • Elements wear and tear

Serious wear of the components in the hydraulic system of bending machine can cause excessive oil temperature. Many components and parts of hydraulic system are sealed by gaps. Once these hydraulic components wear, internal leakage occurs, resulting in high oil temperature. Then, the viscosity of the oil decreases, which leads to increased internal leakage, and further increases the temperature of the regenerated oil, which will eventually form a vicious circle. So Wuxi Shearchy adopts durable hydraulic components to make sure that SHEARCHY bending machines do not wear seriously under normal conditions and can be used steadily and safely for a long time.

Solutions and methods

  • Clean the bending machine regularly, especially the air cooling device.
  • Choose hydraulic oil reasonably.
  • Adjust system pressure according to standard.
  • Prevent pipe blockage and hydraulic oil leakage.
  • Check the worn hydraulic components in time.

The hydraulic oil is very important in CNC Press Brake system. The customer should always pay attention to the oil temperature prevent excessive temperature damage to the machine and even cause safety accidents.

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