hydraulic press brake

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake is suitable for large steel structure parts, iron tower, road lamp pole, high lamp pole, automobile girder, automobile truck box and other related industries. At present, there are different types of bending machines for sale in the market. And the common ones include Electro-hydraulic Servo CNC Press Brake and Torsion Bar Synchronous NC Press Brake.

With the wide use of CNC bending machine in production activities, press brake safety problem becomes more and more important. This passage will show you how to use hydraulic press brake machine safely.

How to operate hydraulic press brake safely?

  • Follow the safety operation procedure strictly. Wear labor protection equipment as required.
  • Check whether there is any foreign matter on the front stock rack, back stock rack and slide block. If there is foreign matter, you should  thoroughly move it away and clean it up. Otherwise, it is easy to cause potential safety hazard.
  • Check the contact ratio and ruggedness of the upper and lower dies. Check whether the positioning device meets the requirements of processing.
  • Before starting bending machine, check carefully whether the motor, switch, circuit and grounding are normal and stable. Ensure all operating parts and buttons of the equipment are in correct position.
  • After starting the bending process equipment, the user should make it idle to test running for 1-2 minutes and make the upper slide upper slide run full stroke for 2-3 times.
  • If the user finds any abnormality or failure during the trial run, he should stop the operation immediately and remove the fault before production.
  • Select accurate dies according to the thickness of the processed plate. Generally, the size of the die is 6-10 times the thickness of the plate.
  • When the machine is running, it should be under the unified command of one person so that the operators can cooperate closely. Ensure all the workers are in a safe position before issuing instructions for bending.
  • No one is allowed behind the machine while the bending machine is working.
  • When bending, you must compress the sheet metal tightly to prevent the plate from sticking up to hurt people.
  • It is strictly forbidden to check and adjust the die and plate by hand during the operation.
  • Check regularly the contact ratio of upper and lower dies and the compliance of pressure gauge instructions.
  • The bending machine operators must specially trained. Non-professionals are prohibited from operating.

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