Hydraulic Plate Shears Common Troubleshoot

With the economic development of various industries, the development of global CNC machine tool industry is also unstoppable. As far as CNC Plate Shear concerned, there are many types of plate shearing machines, such as NC hydraulic guillotine shear, CNC guillotine shear machine,  NC hydraulic swing beam shear and so on.

How to Maintain CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machinery in wet working environment?

CNC hydraulic type metal shear is also a kind of shearing machine, widely used in sheet metal machine tools. Let’s take it as an example to talk about CNC plate shear maintenance and repair methods.

So when the customer bought a shearing machine to use for a period of time, what maintenance should do? How can we minimize the loss of plate shears? How to make steel cutting blade using life longer?

From the structure and composition of sheet metal shears, we analyze each part one by one.

Guillotine Shear Blade Maintenance:

In addition to the regular application of antirust oil, we also need to clean the residues on the steel cutting blades after use.

Regular inspections are also essential maintenance:

  • Add lubricant to the machine tool.
  • Clean the area around the machine.
  • And pay attention to the insulation work beside the machine.
Oil Pump:
  • Always clean the filter on the suction port of the oil pump.
  • Keep the oil pump running normally at all times.
  • Avoid the filter blocked to affect the normal use of the oil pump.
Keep in mind the inflation pressure:
  • When filling nitrogen, be careful not to fill it too full.
  • The charging process should be a little slower.
  • And special inflation tools shall be used.
Blade Edge:
  • Check the cutting edge of the cnc plate shear regularly.
  • If found that the blade is blunt, it is necessary to replace the blade in time. Avoid excessive pressure on the system in the case of blunt knives.
Inspection of Other Components:
  • The handle, key and other parts of the metal shearing machines also need to be checked regularly.
  • Parts with serious wear should be replaced in time.

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